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Short hairstyles for women with straight hair

Women who have fine and straight hair can sometimes find it difficult to maintain their hair as it tends to break into strands .If you have long locks that are prone to breakage, you can try out which require less maintenance.

Long bangs

Long bangs look great on women with straight and thin hair. This haircut is a stylish one where the long locks are left hanging at the sides. A side part in your hair is done and then an iron is run over the locks. Women who have curly hair

Bob cut

The bob cut is one of the most popular haircuts that are available in different types like flipped bobs, shaggy bobs and shingle bob, a line bob and Chinese Bob. You would, however, need to visit a good hairstylist to see which short hairstyle suits you the best. The short haircut is dependent on the volume of the hair, the cut of your face and your profession as well.


The pixie cut is one of the simplest short hairstyles that can make your straight and fine hair appear to be less limp. This is a very simple cut and also can be maintained very easily. This cut, however, does not look good on all kinds of faces. A round face would not look good with this cut. Browse through shorthaircutsstyles.com to have more ideas on the same


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