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The best short hairstyles for the season

Many women do not dare to cut their hair short. But short hair cut remains to be the look of the season for many women. Short hairstyles are a symbol of chic and modern look and it is tricky when you need to style them as well

The Pixie Cut

This is a classic haircut that was worn by women of the 60s.This is an attractive hair cut that is short on the sides and the back and long in the front. The cut features bangs and layers for a great look. Pixie cut looks great on women who have thick and wavy hair and square shaped faces

The Bob cut

The Bob cut is a short hair cut that is little longer compared to the pixie cut. It usually hits at the jaws with some hair also going beyond the chin. Bob hairstyles can be of many kinds like the textured bob, the Demi bob, and more.

The pompadour

This is a brand new example of a idea for women. This hairstyle is also called a faux hawk. The hair along the sides is shaved and some are swept away from the faces. This is a bold hairstyle. You can try out more hairstyles from the

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