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I have been avidly travelling all throughout the world and I have been involved in a variety of beauty blogs and blogs related to hairstyles. My name is Natalie G. Houston and I was born in Bond Street. I am a student who studies in California State University Northridge University and I love reading and writing about various kinds of hairstyles and hair related topics. My hobbies include reading and writing about different kinds of hairstyles, travelling all throughout the world and also write about various blogs in my university as well. I also have a number of blogs to my name. I also like experimenting with my own hair and color it and style it on a regular basis as well.Writing about different hair blogsI am a passionate blogger who not only loves to write about hairstyles and haircuts but all other hair related products and beauty products as well as other kinds of educational and travel articles. If you want to know all about different kinds of hairstyles, celebrity hairstyles, haircuts and other hair related topics, you can visit by blogging site. You can learn about all the different know how, how to style your hair, different kinds of haircuts, and many other amazing hair related blogs.

What made me write blogs?

Blogging always lets me play with mixing and matching of words. I always love to think about new beauty trends and new hairstyles. Hair is something that every woman would love to have and appeals to everyone and different styles and cuts are definitely in fashion nowadays.

Read my blog to know about various different hairstyles and haircuts, and different ways to style your hair. I am sure that you would love to read my blogs related to different styles as well so that you can implement some of those styles and change your look completely.